In 1992, the first Bulgarian woman Freemason was initiated by the Women’s Grand Lodge of France (Grande Loge Féminine de France).  As a pioneer, she faced the challenging task of laying the foundations of women’s Freemasonry in our country – something that at that moment seemed extremely abstract and difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, the process of of the Bulgarian project began. Several years passed in an intensive search for the right women to engage in that foundation.

As a result of the continuous work during that period, a group of women appeared ready to work and to pursue the intended goal. A first group of women were initiated in 2003 by 5 lodges of the Women’s Grand Lodge of France, thus becoming members of the oldest and largest women’s Order in the world.

This act catalyzed the processes of development and the number of women of the Bulgarian Construction increased very rapidly. New members were initiated every year and due to the invaluable help of the Women’s Grand Lodge of France, the Bulgarians walked more and more confidently along the desired path.


After thorough work in Bulgaria and France, a particularly significant achievement was the installation of the First Bulgarian women’s lodge “Philosophia”, Orient of Sofia, as a full fledged member of the Women’s Grand Lodge of France.

This happened in May, 2009, and the event will forever remain in the Bulgarian history and in our hearts as a great day for women’s Freemasonry in Bulgaria. This day was shared not only with GLFF, but also with delegations of Bulgarian and foreign Masonic organizations who supported and inspired us to keep going forward … In a very short time, the number of members of “Philosophia” more than doubled.

The second joint project of the Grand Lodge Feminine de France and the Bulgarian sisters then started and after a few years, it was crowned with success  The R:.L:.Harmony of the Danube river ”, Orient of Svishtov, was opened in september 2015.

The construction of the third Bulgarian Lodge of GLFF in Bulgaria followed, and “The Thracian star”, Orient of Plovdiv was opened in March 2018.


The joy of endless labor together and the eternal striving for development led us to 10 March 2018, when utopia became reality and all our dreams came true with the creation of the women’s Grand Lodge of Bulgaria.

We shared the event with scores  of GLFF sisters  who came from France,  Israël, Serbia, Latvia, Russia  and with delegations from  European Women’s Grand Lodges  and other  Bulgarian and international Masonic organizations.

We are thankful for the recognition we received through their supportive attendance

We are particularly grateful to GLFF for standing unreservedly on our side to create a national sovereign Bulgarian Grand Lodge and for continuing to support us now that we are on our own.

Yet, our work has not come to an end.  We are aware of our great responsibility as foundresses of a Feminine Masonic Obedience for the first time in the history of Bulgaria. We continue to work by welcoming more and more women seeking light and expanding the structure of GLFBG in harmony and following the Masonic principles.

We founded our fourth Respectable Lodge “Edinenie” on July 11, 2020, in the Orient of Sofia- the first child of our independent path! We have sustainable plans for development and are already starting to build future Lodges in several cities of Bulgaria.

The Women’s Grand Lodge of France (GLFF)  is the oldest and largest Feminine Masonic Obedience in the world.  There are more than 14,000 women in its structure, who are members of approximately 450 Lodges in Europe, Africa, overseas French territories, Mauritius, Israel, Lebanon, Quebec, Russia.

RR:.LL:.UNITE, Or:. Paris,  UTOPIE ET REALITE, Or:. Paris, PORTE OCEANE, Or:. Bordeaux LAÏKOS, Or:.Libourne, THALASSA, Or:. Boulogne/Mer