The Women’s Grand Lodge of Bulgaria is a Masonic Order. As such, it aims at the intellectual, moral, spiritual improvement of oneself and of mankind.
Following the maxim of Delphi Temple, “Know thyself”, Freemasonry considers that developing selfawareness, is a necessary way to apprehend mankind and the universe.

Relying on a multisecular tradition, the Masonic path implies initiation, progressive evolution and transmission within a Fraternity. It privileges symbolism and rituals as tools tending to universality and allowing one to rise above usual stereotypes and prejudices.


As belonging to “liberal”, “non-dogmatic” Freemasonry, the Women’s Grand Lodge of Bulgaria considers metaphysical concepts to be a purely personal matter and professes absolute freedom of conscience.
 It also considers that the empowerment of the individual through the initiation process and Masonic work requires Freemasons to be concerned with the problems of the world and social issues. There would be no point of becoming a better self if not for being the cornerstone for a better society.

The Women’s Grand Lodge of Bulgaria brings together women of goodwill, regardless of their beliefs, opinions and social status, provided they feel the need to unite and work together for the continuous improvement of themselves and of mankind,


Realising its sustainability over time, Freemasonry stays above all sects, philosophical trends and political parties and provides everyone with a space of understanding and brotherly unity, ensuring true TOLERANCE

It aims at “bringing together that which is scattered” and at being “the center of union”


Thus, the lodge is humanistic approach balanced between initiatory work, questioning and debates and commitment in particular, in WGLBG, the problems directly related to women’s rights, empowerment and dignity.

GLFBG requires from its members as Masons to obey the discipline of the Masonic Lodge and as citizens – to obey the law of the country in which they freely meet

The Women’s Grand Lodge of Bulgaria proclaims the loyalty to the Motherland, as well as its firm affection to the principles of Freedom, Tolerance, Respect for the others and for oneself. Moreover, it rejects any form of discrimination, hate, violence against a person or a group of people because of their ethnic or religious affiliation.

The motto of WGLBG is Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

For Truth and Justice.