GLFBG is a Masonic body, the umbrella organization for several local unities called Lodges, where women Masons gather to improve themselves – following the principles of universal Freemasonry and using symbolic and ritual methods. This is a long process of tireless work pursuing the ideal of a world based on harmony and benevolence.


Yes. GLFBG established its existence as an autonomous Women’s Masonic body. There are men only and mixed gender Grand Lodges the Masonic space in Bulgaria and around the world. So everyone can freely choose the option which seems more suitable.

In GLFBG, we consider that the initiatory path involves the most intimate and profound self and that it can be shared more freely and more thoroughly within a sisterly grouping

By the same token, in a women-only Masonic space, sisters freemasons can escape the usual stereotyped male/female roles which often hinders their freedom of speech and behaviour in everyday life. They can experience a new kind of empowerment and

Furthermore, as women’s rights keep being threatened constantly, it  is  a particular mission for women’s freemasons to have them respected and promoted  and  advocate that “women’s rights are human rights”.

In GLFBG, we focus on the opportunity to learn, share and experience the universal Masonic knowledge and the depth of our feminine  spirituality.


First of all, it must be known that the active Mason is in a constant search. In our community we do not seek to achieve a definitive formulation, but we seek diversity and continuous development. Freedom of thought is a guiding principle as long as it is delivered in the spirit of the moderation, benevolence and the moral that we value.


In the Age of Information and communication we live in, it’s hard for anything to be “secret“. “. The movement is open to society, spreading its goals and principles. The places where we gather are available to the authorities. Each member can reveal themselves аs being a Mason. As countless other organizations, however, the Freemasonry discusses issues of interest only to its members. It is understandable that private topics are only discussed in a closed circle. Let us add that the admission into Freemasonry is a very personal act and the ceremonies and all the symbolic elements of Masonic life are impossible to explain out of the context of their course. Masonry cannot be explained. It has to be lived.